Advice for the ideal use and care of lipo batteries

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Advice for the ideal use and care of lipo batteries:

  • energyXXL Lithium batteries are solely approved for the use in RC models.
  • Keep batteries away from children! Don’t ever leave batteries unattended since children or pets may swallow them!
  • WARNING: Only recharge Lithium batteries with a charger specifically suited for them and on a fireproof surface as well as under supervision of an adult– Danger of fire and explosion! Mind the charge current specified on the cell and the number of cells.
  • CAUTION: Let Lithium batteries cool down before recharge.
  • WARNING: Don’t expose batteries to extreme heat or throw onto an open flame. Danger of fire and explosion!
  • WARNING: Never try to open Lithium batteries by force or modify the connectors. Danger of fire and explosion!
  • WARNING: Danger of fire and explosion due to penetrating humidity!
  • WARNING: Only insert batteries with the correct polarity, do not short-circuit – Danger of fire and explosion!
  • WARNING: Don’t ever use defect or damaged batteries Danger of fire! Very toxic in contact with skin, use protective gloves!
  • For recharge remove the batteries from the device.
  • Please note: Mind the specified bearing preload for Lithium batteries. The ideal bearing preload is about 90% of the end-of-charge voltage, with a Lithium polymer (LiPo)/ Lithium Ion (LiIo) battery, about 3.8 – 4.0 V, with Lithium Iron (LiFe) about 3.6 V. If a Lithium battery too full or too empty is stored for a long time it may get damaged.
  • WARNING: Remove the Lithium batteries from the model and transmitter after use. Don’t ever store the model with inserted batteries. Danger of fire!