energyXXL stands for high-quality batteries. Whatever size is it you need, if button cell, micro cell, Mignon cell, baby cell, mono cell or high-performance nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH) or Ready to Use batteries (RTU). We offer many sizes and types for all fields of application. Find the suitable battery and order online at our shop!


energyXXL - Top driver Marc Fischer makes podium at the 2014 German nats for 1/10 TC

We salute Marc Fischer who finished third at the German 2014 nats with his ERYX 3.0, just behind the top-drivers Ronald Völker and Marc Reinhard.
We wish Marc Fischer, who uses energyXXL high-performance batteries in the present season, good luck for the next races!

energyXXL - Completely filled POS-display - ready to order!

As of now it's possible to order completely filled POS-display for a best price. The colorful display easily attracts the customer. All consumer battery types are presented in large numbers. After sell-out it's no problem to refill your POS-display - it's fast and easy to order the missing batteries.
For more information visit our POS-display page.

energyXXL - Available now: The new energyXXL RTU batteries!

Also new in our XciteRC assortment are the energyXXL RTU batteries!
Available as Mignon-AA-cells with 2500 mAh and 1500 mAh and Micro-AAA-cells with a capacity of 900 mAh those high-quality NiMH-cells are the perfect source of energy, not only for modelmaking.